Security Transformation Starts with Zero

Tomorrow's leading enterprises are built on a secure zero trust foundation today

Reimagine cybersecurity for a world without boundaries

With data, users, and devices everywhere, the network perimeter of yesterday has dissolved. Today’s cloud-first, hybrid workforce needs a secure zero trust foundation to move business forward with confidence and protect against:

Increasingly sophisticated ransomware, supply chain attacks, and other advanced threats
computer malware
A massive attack surface that extends across home offices, SaaS apps, and public cloud infrastructure
global alert
The exposure and theft of sensitive data that’s now distributed everywhere
The world’s most holistic cyber risk reduction platform
Transform your legacy network security architecture to safeguard today’s cloud-first, hybrid workforce.
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Prevent compromise

Protect all users and enterprise assets at the edge, close to every user, branch, and location, with an inline exchange that delivers superior security and user experiences.

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Eliminate lateral movement

Eliminate the risk of lateral movement by directly connecting users and devices to apps, not the network.

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Stop data loss

Stop data loss from users, SaaS apps, and public cloud infrastructure, whether it’s the result of accidental exposure, theft, or double-extortion ransomware.

Security transformation starts with zero

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ is built to protect today's cloud-first, hybrid workforce with a proactive, intelligent, and radically simple security architecture that significantly reduces business risk.

Cyberthreat protection

The world’s most comprehensive cyberattack prevention solution stops compromise, eliminates lateral movement, and stops data loss everywhere.

Data loss prevention
Data loss prevention

The industry’s most holistic data protection solution stops data loss caused by accidental exposure, malicious insiders, or external attackers.

Backed by Zscaler ThreatLabz, the world’s premier cloud threat research team

Our team of 100+ global experts analyzes threat intelligence from hundreds of billions of daily transactions and hundreds of millions of blocked threats to continually improve protections for our customers as well as share breaking insights on emerging threats.


We’ve helped thousands of global customers transform their cybersecurity to accelerate their business

Hear from IT and security leaders at major cities and top global brands as they share stories of enabling their organizations to thrive in the new era of work.


Matt Singleton

CISO, Office of Management and Enterprise Services, State of Oklahoma
We’ve completely changed the cybersecurity posture of the State of Oklahoma in the last 18 months—Zscaler played a big part in that.

Ken Athanasiou

VP & CISO, AutoNation
When ransomware attacks happen to other companies, thousands of systems in their environment are crippled, in addition to having serious impacts with having to pay a ransom. When this kind of event hits the news, I get worried calls from executives, and it warms my heart to be able to tell them, ‘We’re fine.’
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NCR: Embracing zero trust to drive business initiatives

100+ global experts analyze threat intelligence from 160 billion daily transactions and 100 million blocked threats to continually improve protections for our customers and share breaking insights on emerging threats.

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